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Monday, May 16, 2016

Bedroom Dresser Styled

design, pink bedroom decor, gold accents

As I wrote in a previous post, I've been spring cleaning my bedroom and once I cleared the layer of papers, jewelry, hair clips, money, lotion, socks, etc. off my dresser, I realized it was in serious need of a style makeover.

When I moved in, styling my dresser was on my list of things to do, but then as junk piled up, it became less of a priority.  Now that the clutter is better organized - it was time to try again.

Here it is at its worst:

Here it is clean, but not very well styled - kind of a start, but in need of help.

Here are the things I did to give my dresser and really the whole room, an updated look.

1. Changed out the hardware on the dresser.  I've loved the current hardware - I picked it out when I did the initial Dresser Transformation but warmer metals are now "in"!  And pink and gold go together really well.

2. Added a rug in front of the dresser.  I found this runner rug on Overstock.com for a great price and I love it!  It feels so plush and I love the color and depth it adds to the room.

3. Stack of books - my local library was having a used book sale and it was the perfect chance to find oversized books for a great price with particular spine colors.

4. Plant(s)
Both plants are from Walmart - a cactus and a Sansevieria trifasciata (Snake Plant).  I researched plants and ended up with these because they're both low maintenance.  I picked the snake plant because it will tolerate low light.

5.  Lamp - from Target.

6. tray - Target dollar spot!

I knew these were some of the basic elements, but I had to play around with it a bit.

This Pin got me curious about that calendar object.  It's a vintage brass perpetual flip calendar - it is a  perfect addition to a dresser top.  The numbers are very graphic, it's practical and it has a vintage patina.  I discovered there aren't that many out there.  There were a few that were perfect, but I decided to go with one in my price range.  I think it's really fun to flip the gold part and then a new number appears.  #magic

I needed one or two more things for my tray and found this gold lantern in the Target outdoor section - just a reminder to think outside the box!

(It needed a little more height so I added clear coasters.)

A new throw from World Market completed the look!

Let me know what you think of the new style!

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