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Monday, July 18, 2016

Yarn Wrapped Striped Modern Floral Wreath Using Painted Laser Cut Wood Flowers

My friend Amanda asked me to make her a new wreath after the one I made for her here (Felt Flower Wreath) broke.  I searched Pinterest for Pinspiration and nothing jumped out at me.  So then I wandered around Michael's and kept coming back to these laser cut wood flowers.  I could just picture them painted and on a wreath.  Also I'm really into black and white stripes this summer Exhibit A 

so I decided I wanted the wreath to be black and white striped.  I found this ribbon that I deemed perfect.

But then when I wrapped it around the wreath form, I didn't like it.

So then I decided to create my own stripes by wrapping black and white yarn. I used double sided tape to secure the beginning and end piece of each yarn stripe.

In the meantime I painted the flowers and had so much fun mixing colors and painting!

When the yarn wrapping was done and the flowers were dry, I just arranged and hot glued the flowers on.

Kind of interesting - after I had made my wreath, I searched online to see if anyone had ever posted anything similar and found this blog at Little Red Window that used pretty similar laser cut wood flowers from Michael's and since she was going for a spring look - the final painted flowers and wreath turned out very different than mine.  Which tells you that you can really put your own personality and style into it.

Amanda was happy with the wreath and I think it looks very cheery on her front door!!


  1. And great job designing it. Looks good with the flowers either on the left or the right. :) Thanks again!

    1. Thank you and you're very welcome!!




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