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Monday, June 23, 2014

Felt Flower Wreath

For a future project I'm working on, I researched and learned how to make felt flowers.  I agree with the other bloggers out there - once you start making them - they're addictive!  This is the basic tutorial I used:  Little Bit Funky
 For this project you'll need:
felt sheets
hot glue gun
wreath form

I made a bunch of pretty flowers, trying different variations and colors and centers - and I wasn't sure what to do with them.

Then I pictured them on a wreath!  I had an extra Styrofoam wreath form sitting around (I bought it when I made this wreath, but didn't like how it looked) and some yarn leftover from this yarn star project, so I wrapped the yarn to cover the wreath form, using glue sporadically.  I went around the wreath form 3 times, each time covering a bit more. 

Then I hot glued the flowers onto the yarn-wrapped wreath (say that fast 3 times!) and I loved the result!

My friend Amanda recently moved and I thought it would make a cheery housewarming gift!

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