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Monday, June 2, 2014

Easy-to-Make Burp Cloths

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I think my favorite part of this project was choosing the fabric.  I had so much fun choosing, I had to buy two separate themes and ten different fabrics!  My sister's nursery theme is teddy bears for a baby boy, so I found some really cute fabrics at JoAnn's Fabric.

There are a lot of blogs and tutorials about this project out there, but I had trouble finding one that I loved.  I decided on this one at two plus four. 

For this project you'll need:
Fabric scraps or fat quarters or 1/4 yard of a few coordinating fabrics
cloth diapers

This is what I used.
Prewash the diapers because they may shrink. 

Choose different coordinating fabrics for each cloth.  Cut a 2 inch tall x the width of the cloth+1 inch and a 5 inch tall x the width of the cloth+1 inch.  Then sew those rectangles together, but putting right sides together.

Then fold and iron the edges and pin.  Then sew close to the edges and add a decorative straight stitch between the contrasting fabrics.

I was so excited about how each one turned out!

The other set I'm making (the colorful stick figure animals) will (eventually) be available on my Etsy shop, TheBurlapFlower - I'd love it if you'd check it out!  As a gift to my blog readers, use coupon code BLOG14 to get free shipping on anything in the store!

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