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Monday, June 16, 2014

DIY Fabric Strip Backdrop

Making a backdrop for your event has gotten HUGE lately - there are endless possibilities to use them at events.  Weddings, graduations, showers, birthday parties...behind the cake table, behind the couple during the ceremony, as a colorful banner, as a photo backdrop.  I made this one for the Teddy Bear Themed Baby Shower for my sister Laura.

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Two challenges - they are somewhat time-consuming - not bad if you plan ahead, but not a last-minute job.  And they can be expensive.  Some people use ribbon, which I think would be very expensive.  Some people buy fabric, which also adds up.  According to other blogs, a small version costs about $16 and a large version costs $84.  Good news - the materials for my version costs $6!
I had the idea to look for fabric at Goodwill.  I was hosting a baby shower (my sister is pregnant with a baby boy) so I was looking for fabrics in shades of blue.  I found 2 twin size flat sheets and 1 table cloth that were perfect and were $1.99 each! 
I used my rotary cutter and mat to cut the sheets into 2 inch strips.  I did this while watching The Book Thief - if you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it.

Then I took some twine that I had on hand and decided on the width of backdrop I wanted and doubled the twine for added strength.
I decided it would be easiest to add the fabric with the twine hanging, so I used painters tape to attach the ends to my mantle.

To attach it, I folded each strip in half (and in varying lengths) and held the loop in front of the twine.  Then I brought the two ends through the loop.


It was fun seeing the progress.  For most of the strips, I tied them so that the two ends were equal, but to add visual interest, I varied some of the lengths.

 The pictures in front of the fabric backdrop turned out amazing!

My sister Laura and her husband Josh

My mom and my sister Laura
If you would love to have this backdrop for a baby shower or photo shoot or wedding or Frozen party, but don't want to invest the time to make it - it is available on my Etsy shop TheBurlapFlower!

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