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Friday, July 6, 2012

Colorful Wall Art

Easy and inexpensive way to make your own personalized wall art!
You'll Need:
any size of canvas
old magazines
a template of letters or a shape
mod podge
foam brush
small paint

Start by cutting out colorful pieces from magazines.  Arrange them to cover the entire canvas.

Glue each piece of paper to the canvas with mod podge (using your foam brush) and then cover over the top with a coat of mod podge.  Let dry. 
 Then you need to choose a template (the template will be colorful, everything around it will be 1 color of paint).  I chose a rooster, because my sister Jordan did her kitchen in roosters.  I printed this from the internet and blew it up to the size I wanted, then cut it out.

I placed the template on top of the colorful canvas and started painting (using white or ivory colored paint gives a great contrast) with my foam brush.  After painting the entire canvas, I peeled up the template and the colorful shape of the rooster was underneath!  One option you can choose to give it an aged or hen-scratched look you can sandpaper a few areas of the painted canvas.

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