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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Updated Wooden Bench

My sister's new apartment did not have much color.   She decided to use a wooden bench as a entryway bench and we decided to paint it turquoise to add a pop of color!

This is the bench before we started:
 You will need:
a wooden bench
a medium grade sanding paper
small furniture paint roller
foam brushes
rolling tray (although we used paper plates)

Begin by sanding.  Rule of thumb - sand until the previous finish looks dull - no shine left.  Make sure to do this outside or on the tarp, because the sanding produces a fine dust.

Then prime, 2 coats.  Let dry in between coats. 
 This is the fantastic turquoise color we picked!
 This is how it looks in the space - isn't that amazing!
 As a finishing detail, we also painted a chipboard "W" to hang on the wall in the same turquoise color.
We talked about making a cushion for this bench - stay tuned - it may be a future blog post!!

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