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Monday, January 5, 2015

Elegant Black Tulle Wreath

1. For full instructions on how to make a tulle wreath, see this previous blog post.
2. Apparently I didn't take a well-styled final picture. :(
I started with a large wire wreath form and wrapped it in black satin ribbon.
Then I cut lengths of black tulle and black glitter tulle by wrapping it around a book that I deemed the correct size and cutting both ends.
Then while watching a movie, I tied them on, alternating the regular and glitter tulle and pushing the tied pieces together occasionally.
Then I added embellishments.  I added a black feathered hair clip.  Then I hot glued on a the big round sparkly piece, which I found at Hobby Lobby.  Then I went shopping at an antique store to find the smaller brooch and pinned it on.  I experimented with adding peacock colored feathers, but decided to keep it simple, elegant black and bling.

Then at Christmas, the wreath went to a home with my sister Jordan!

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