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Monday, July 27, 2015

Re-Potted Plant

I got this plant, when it was "up for grabs" at my office.  When I got it, the plant was healthy, but the soil was near the bottom of the container, looking like it had eroded away.  And it was in a dirty, plastic container.  So, I decided to re-pot it.

My first step was to find a pot.  I found a good size, gold, clay pot at Goodwill. I decided it would be extra cute if I added white stripes, so I used painters tape to tape stripes off (harder than it looks, since the pot doesn't have a uniform circumference.)  Then I just spray painted the whole thing white with several coats.

Then I got to peel off the tape and reveal the stripes!

Then I added soil and re-potted the plant, at which time I found it was actually a bunch of cuttings put together, so that was more challenging to re-pot.

I like how it turned out and here it is back at my office!

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