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Monday, September 28, 2015

Clipboard Art Display

A clipboard is such a perfect way to display a child's art because it makes it so easy to hang and easy to change.  It's also fun to customize a plain clipboard.  The first thing I did was tape the clip hardware, covering it completely with painter's tape.  To paint this clipboard I lightly sanded and then spray-painted it white.  (I didn't have a spray can of primer, so I just used white paint as a primer.)

Then I painted the clipboard with this paint and a foam brush.

My last step was to use my gold leaf pen to make the silver clip part look metallic gold.
*Tip - I've used this pen for a lot of different projects - I recommend having one around!

This pic shows the clipboard right after it was hung, on moving weekend.

In this pic, it's serving it's purpose by showcasing my niece's artwork!  

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