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Monday, April 22, 2013

Colorful Ruffled Apron

This is my first sewing effort and I am SO proud of this project!  I am not presenting these instructions as an expert, but as encouragement to other people who are new to sewing.  And I have to give a big THANK YOU to my mom for teaching and helping me with this project!! 

For this project you need:
a pre-made apron
5-6 different fabrics - 1/4 yard
coordinating ribbon
sewing machine
measuring tape
On the wrong side of the fabric, measure 4 1/4 inches and mark with a highlighter (or fabric pencil if you are being technical).  
Then cut that strip of fabric.  My apron was flared, so for the bottom ruffle, I had to make two strips.  The 2nd from bottom I used 1 1/2 strips.  The rest I used just one strip and adjusted the amount of ruffles to make it longer or shorter.
Pin, then sew a 1/4 inch hem on the bottom and 2 sides of the strip.  After this step, iron the strip.
For the top, make a wide, straight stitch.
Then pull only one thread (the underneath one) to make the ruffles.  You have to scoot the ruffles to the center of the strip.
Then measure, pin and sew onto the apron.
You then repeat these steps for each ruffle.  Make sure each ruffle covers the the top of the ruffle below it.
After you finish your top ruffle, pin your ribbon to cover the top seam and sew it on, I used a zigzag stitch for this.
Each ruffle gets easier and the finished project is SO fun and colorful!!


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