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Monday, April 29, 2013

Ruffled Tote Bag - SO CUTE!!

After my apron project (see here) I was excited to try another sewing project.  Since patterns, zippers, buttons, etc. still make me nervous, I decided to try another ruffle project -  a colorful, ruffled tote bag that I planned to give to my sister Jordan for her birthday (as long as it turned out ok!)

These ruffles are smaller than the apron.  I cut the fabric to 2.7 high and 27 in. wide (about twice the width of the tote bag, to add lots of ruffles).  At the fabric store, I asked for 4 inches of a bunch of fabrics - getting such a small amount made each one super inexpensive.  I ended up using 7 different types of fabric for this bag.  See my previous blog for ruffle instructions. 
Hem bottom and sides of each ruffle.
Then sew a wide stitch on the top.
Then pull the bottom thread to create the ruffles.
Then pin them onto the bag.

The hard part is sewing the ruffles onto the bag - that bottom ruffle is hard to get to!  It might have been easier to sew each one, as they were pinned.  I pinned all, so I could better control spacing though.  One tip I learned is to take off the storage tub on your machine, if you can, to create more room.
Then pin and sew your ribbon, covering the top messy seam.
Happy Birthday Jordan!  Enjoy it!!

Warning: This might not be the last project blog on ruffled tote bags!

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