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Monday, October 21, 2013

Clutch Bag

I wanted to make a little bag, as a gift.  I didn't have a zipper, but I did have some scrap fabric, a hair elastic and a button - and that is all you need!!

First cut two rectangles from two different fabrics.  You can choose any dimensions, but mine were 10 inches wide x 15 inches long. 

Use a plate to trace rounded corners on one of the short ends, then cut.

Pin right sides together.  Place the hair elastic centered in the center of the rounded short side.

Sew around the edge, leaving a small opening on one of the edges and be sure to backstitch before and after the opening.  Then turn the bag inside out, through the opening.

(Be sure to have your Sonic drink close at hand!)  Then iron.
Sew the opening closed, using a ladder stitch.  Here is a tutorial at Sew It Love It.  Then fold the bottom short edge up five inches and sew each side.  I also added a decorative topstitch around the flap.
Then sew a button on!
What would you use your cute clutch bag for?


  1. SO cute Lyndi! I know the recipient will be thrilled to receive this awesome bag!




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