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Monday, October 14, 2013

Painted Coffee Table

I moved into a new place and went with a new color scheme [later post].  My last coffee table was an ocean green antique trunk (which I love) but it didn't exactly fit with my new living room.  I pictured an oval, black coffee table in my new space.
So I check Craigslist and found a somewhat beat-up, wood/laminate, oval coffee table for $10.  Score! 

I did a bit of sanding, especially on that nail polish spot on the top.  I also used wood filler in the deeper gashes.
Then I primed the table, using the same tinted primer as I used on my dresser.
Then I painted the table, giving it two coats.  I used a foam brush for the everything but the top, for the top surface, I used a small roller and brush for cabinets and doors.
Then I gave the table two coats of polyurethane - clear satin.  I wasn't sure about what type of sealant to use, but from my research, it seems like the only drawback of this type is that it could yellow over time.  Since it's over black paint, I didn't think that would affect this piece.
I let it dry 24 hours and then moved it into my living room!  What do you think?

Next step:  Style my coffee table!

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