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Monday, September 1, 2014

Fall Nesting Bowls

Labor Day signifies the end of summer and is the perfect time to start thinking about Fall crafts and décor!
black and copper bowls, paper mache nesting bowls
This is my first paper mache project as an adult!  It's pretty fun and it's amazing I started out with a newspaper and ended with cute bowls - I recommend trying it
For this project you'll need:
3 balloons
mod podge
foam brush
(lottery ticket was not a winner, boo, it's not necessary to use chalkboard paint - black spray paint or acrylic paint works fine, a Sonic vanilla diet coke [or insert drink of your choice] is necessary)
Before you start, cut your newspaper into small strips.  Blow up your balloons in graduated sizes.
First brush a layer of mod podge over half the balloon.
Add a layer of newspaper strips over the mod podge, then top the strips with more mod podge.  I believe you need 5-6 layers.
Then let dry for about 24 hours.
Next, let the air out of the balloon and gently pull it away from the bowl.
Trim the edge of the bowl with scissors if you want.  I did trim mine, but just to get rid of some thin spots, I wanted to keep the "live edge" look.
Then paint the inside of the bowls.  I considered using three different metallic paints for my bowls, but didn't like the look of the two gold paints, as well as I did the copper.
Then paint the outside of the bowls.  I wanted a soft, flat black, so I sprayed them with chalkboard paint and liked the results, but there were a few places that I missed, so I touched them up with acrylic black paint.
Then enjoy your very own one of a kind, handmade, upcycled fall nesting bowls!!

paper mache black and copper fall nesting bowls

I love the texture and metallic look they add to any room!

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