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Monday, October 6, 2014

DIY Harry Potter Wand

(Disclaimer - I know this project makes me a nerd, but it was so fun!)
easy Harry Potter wand, wand for witches and wizards

This project is great for any Halloween costume that needs a wand, any fan of the Harry Potter series, or any Harry Potter theme gift or birthday party.
Another cool thing is that this is made of stuff you already have around the house.
For this project you'll need:
1 piece of copy paper
double stick tape
glue or mod podge
hot glue gun/glue
gold or silver leaf pen (optional)
I saw this project online here and thought it was so cool.
First, put a piece of tape diagonally across the paper.
 Then paint on the glue or mod podge beyond the tape.  Then roll the paper from the bottom left corner, the tape will secure it and then hold the glue until it dries.

Next, cut off the two ends to make them straight.

Then use your glue gun to fill in the top and bottom and to add decorative features on the wand.
Then spray paint any color - I guess it forms a base.
Then paint with acrylic paint.
I was just playing, I used a mix of ivory and copper.  Let dry between coats.  Then make a "wash" of black paint and water.  As you paint it on, wipe it off, to give it an aged look.
Then use your finger to add metallic gold or silver paint on the raised glue areas or use a gold or silver leaf pen.  In my examples, the gold is metallic paint and the silver is silver leaf, which I really like how that turned out.
Then, you can pretend to go to Ollivander's where your wand chooses you!  And unlock doors by saying Alohomora and duel with your friends (Expelliarmus)!


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