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Monday, October 20, 2014

Pumpkin Mummy

My office decided to have a pumpkin decorating contest (no carving) so I did a quick search online for inspiration. 
My first thought was some kind of gold metallic pumpkin.
Pretty, but maybe a little boring for a contest.  Then I saw a cookie monster that I thought was pretty cute and unexpected, seeing the pumpkin in blue.
But, I'm not an artist - I was pretty sure my attempts at painting cookies would not turn out so well.  I considered ninja turtles.
Again, cute, but not sure about my abilities to draw...on a pumpkin.  My next thought was to make Olaf from Frozen, using two pumpkins.  I never saw this picture, but it's exactly what I had in mind.
Really well done, but, I work in a law firm...I'm not sure the attorneys would really get it.  Then I saw a Mummy Pumpkin from BHG.com.  It was perfect - no drawing needed, Halloween themed and unexpected!
For this project you'll need:
a pumpkin
fabric stiffener
2 googly eyes
black paint/brush
exacto knife
hot glue gun
glow in the dark paint (optional)

Cut the cheesecloth into strips measuring 12x4 inches.

Fold in half VERTICALLY. (Emphasis on the word a result of my not paying attention and folding horizontally and wondering why it looked weird.) Spray with the fabric stiffener and wrap around pumpkin.

Let dry.  Then hot glue googly eyes on.

Cut 4 strips of cheesecloth to 6x4 and fold in half vertically.  Then spray fabric stiffener on and arrange across part of the eyes.

Using your exacto knife, cut out a small mouth.

Paint the inside of the mouth black.  The final step is to brush glow in the dark paint over the mummy!

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