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Monday, June 15, 2015

Quiet Book Part 2 - The Fishing Page

magnetic fishing game for kids, DIY quiet book fishing page

Thanks to this picture on Pinterest, I was obsessed with making rainbow-colored sequined fish.

So when I saw this pack of sequins at Michael's, it seemed perfect.

For this project you'll need:
felt - gray, green and shades of blue
rainbow sequins
thread and needle
fish pattern
dowel rod
washi tape (optional)
Step 1:  Find online a fish pattern you like, size it to the size you like, print it and cut it out.

Step 2:  Use the pattern to cut out 12 fish shapes out of the gray felt.

Step 3:  Sew on the sequins in rainbow rows on 6 of the fish shapes.

Step 4:  Sew the 6 sequined fish to the plain backs, making sure to sew a magnet in the nose of the fish.

Step 5:  Cut out 2 worm shapes.  If you want a face on the worm, sew that on one side first.  Then sew the two shapes together, making sure to sew a magnet in the bottom.

Step 6:  I freehand cut out waves out of three different colors of blue and a sun and it's rays.

Step 7:  Sew the sun and rays on the page first.  Then sew the sides and bottom of the top wave. Then work your way down, sewing the sides and bottom of each wave.  That creates pockets on the page where the fish will live.

Step 8:  Using a short dowel rod, create the fishing pole.  I wrapped mine in washi tape, just for fun.  Then I used my hot glue gun to secure the thread to the top of the pole and then sewed the end of the string to the worm I had made.

Step 9:  Cut a thin rectangle piece of felt, which will make a case to store the pole and sew the bottom and sides to the page.

This would also work well as a stand-alone game.  Let me know what you think of this page!

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