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Monday, June 22, 2015

Quiet Book - Part 3 - Learning to Tie and Button

There are two new skills these pages teach, although the pages are so fun, you don't even realize they're teaching you something!
Flower page - learning to button.  This was an easy page.  I had the buttons leftover from the gumball page.  I just freehand cut out flowers, with a buttonhole in the center.  Then I sewed the buttons into place.  Then I used my sewing matching to add the stems and grass.
quiet book flower page for toddlers

The ballet shoe page teaches you how to tie a bow.  Hadley, at 3, might not be there yet, but I think she'll have fun untying!
quiet book ballet shoes for toddlers tying a bow

I think I'm about halfway done with this project - it's been really fun so far!

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