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Monday, October 10, 2016


I have some ideas in "pre-production" and I have some ideas at the back of my mind and I'm still in the brainstorming phase with some ideas.  But I don't have any finished, well-photographed projects to share today!  So I thought I would share my ideas.

1. Fabric letters - I have fabric ordered - this one is definitely happening!

2. Felt trees - I have the materials but I don't have the drill I need - this one is on hold for now.

3. This is a pin I keep thinking about - I'll try it sometime in the future.

4. Mmm- fried mac and cheese is my favorite food! I keep thinking I'll make this sometime, but it hasn't happened yet.

5. I'm also trying to figure out a creative way to display some of the Christmas printables that I designed (and are for sale on my Etsy shop). This one I'm still brainstorming.

Come back next week to see what I have accomplished!

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