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Monday, October 3, 2016

DIY Felt Paper Clip Bookmarks

Starbucks coffee cup from felt, DIY bookmark, gold paperclip
I've been using my prayer journal that I created here recently but it's been driving me crazy to have to flip through the pages to find the next day, so I knew I wanted to create a bookmark - and not the traditional kind, since it's a small 3 ring notebook, because it wouldn't stay put. So I settled on a paperclip bookmark. Since my journal has gold dots on it's cover - I wanted a jumbo gold paperclip and I also needed felt (luckily I had a bunch left from when I did Hadley's Quiet Book

I made several and decided the method I like best is to cut a front and back for the main piece and sew the design to the front piece (sequins or other felt pieces) and then sew the plain back piece to the paperclip.

 I made this one because my most recent nickname from my family is Kitten Paws and any time we're talking on Facebook, when my nickname comes up, I use this Pusheen paw as my signature!
Cute coffee cup, evocative of Starbucks!


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