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Monday, September 9, 2013

Cookies...at a Wedding!?

My sister and her fiancé decided to forgo traditional wedding cake in favor of wedding cookies.  She enlisted family members to make a variety of cookies and to display those cookies I made a wedding cake display! 

For this project you'll need:
3 sizes of boxes
wrapping paper
wide ribbon
jewels strips with adhesive on the back
double sided tape
It was difficult to find boxes, because either the proportions didn't look right or I knew there wouldn't be any room for cookies. (Please excuse about the messy background!)
Then I just wrapped them like a present.  I used double sided tape to stick the ribbon to the bottom edge of each wrapped box and then added the jewel strips at the top of the ribbon.  I also decided to make two kinds of sugar cookies.
Here are the recipes I found online.  I don't bake that often, so I was really happy both turned out well!
(I used her basic sugar cookie recipe and her royal icing recipe)
These were a favorite of mine (and of Jordan's)!!  First of all, I love store-bought Lofthouse cookies.  Second, I found these pearl nonpareils and loved them - the color matched the wedding perfectly! 
Then I had the brilliant idea to use a small heart cookie cutter I had to add these in the shape of a heart.  The first picture best shows off the color, the second best shows off the heart shape.

A few notes on these:
1. All I have is a hand mixer and the dough broke my mixer.
2.  I finished making the frosting and felt it was a little bit bland and needed something else, so I added a bit of lemon extract.  Perfect addition!
This is how it turned out at the reception!

It doesn't hold a lot of cookies and it maybe looks a bit messy, but I love that it adds height and visual interest to the food table.

What are your favorite kind of cookies?

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