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Monday, September 23, 2013

How to Make the Coziest Couch Blanket EVER!

It's a rainy fall day.  You've been busy all week and on Saturday, all you want to do is lay on the couch and watch a Harry Potter movie.  Or football.  Or take a nap.  There is one thing missing - you need a soft, cozy couch blanket.  Not just any couch blanket, the coziest couch blanket ever! 

Here is what makes this the best blanket around:

1. You can make it long enough to cover all of you
2. You can pick out fabrics that are soft and cuddly AND that match your living room
3.  The foot pouch
Here is what you need for this project:
2 yards of microfleece
2 1/2 yards of soft and fluffly found at JoAnn's Fabric
thread - matching both colors
sewing machine, pins, scissors, measuring, marking, etc.
I chose materials by feeling every choice in JoAnns!  This is aptly named - it IS soft and fluffy!
Cut your soft and fluffy material to two yards (the other 1/2 yard is for the foot pouch).
Then measure and cut 2 inches off of one long and one short side of the soft and fluffy.
You also need to cut the curled edge off of the microfleece.
Then it's time to work on the foot pouch.  It needs 2 inches cut off one of the short ends.  Then one of the long ends needs hemmed.  Fold 1/2 inch over and pin it well, then sew, using coordinating thread.
Then it's time to lay everything out and pin.  I had to move furniture around to get a large enough working space!  First, lay the microfleece, wrong side up and spread out any wrinkles.  On top of that, lay the soft and fluffy, right side up.  On top of that, lay the foot pouch soft and fluffy right side up.  Place the un-hemmed edge even with the bottom edge of the large piece of soft and fluffy.
Then fold the microfleece over the edge of the soft and fluffy approximately 1 inch and pin, all the way around.
Finally, sew the edges with a zig zag stich using the thread that coordinates with the microfleece.
It's hard to convey how perfect this blanket is - perfect size, amazingly soft and cozy - I have LOVED using mine and I've had hints from my family that this would make a great Christmas gift!
What would you watch while snuggled on the couch on a rainy day?




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