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Monday, November 3, 2014

100th Blog Post!!!

My blog has reached a milestone - this post makes 100 blog posts.  Let's celebrate!!

My blog started in 2012, with me sporadically posting about various craft projects.  I think I stared my blog as a way to share my creativity and passion for creating with the world. 
It continues to do that. 

An unintended benefit is the chronicle it keeps for me about life events and changing interests.  And it's almost like an online recipe book for craft projects - I can go back and remind myself how to do something.

Today is a kind of behind-the-scenes analysis of my blog.  Click on any picture below to open a window to that blog post.

My most successful blog post (as measured by number of views - 4,147 views) is:

My least successful blog post is (8 views):
Easy Vase Update - It's a short post, but not my shortest.  I made it for a baby shower, so maybe it's not a post targeted to a general audience - I don't know...

My personal favorite blog posts are (it's so hard to choose!):
Springy Striped Rag Quilt - it was fairly time consuming, it challenged my current set of skills and I had so much fun styling it for pictures!

DIY Chalkboard

Outdoor Metal Chairs Get a New Look

(I notice that my top three favorites have two elements in common - a well-styled final photo and the color turquoise!!)

My most challenging blog post was:
Zippered Makeup Bags - even now I am amazed I could make them as well as I did and don't think I could do it again.

The Posts I Wish More People Would See:
Updated Wooden Bench

Colorful Ruffled Apron

Both of these were pretty big projects and I loved the results, but for some reason, the number of views they got was relatively low.

A trend I see:
Weddings - my Wedding Activity Book for Kids and Wish Tree posts are both really popular - people love to take an active role in DIY projects that make their wedding unique and personal.

Wish Tree
Wedding Activity Book for Kids have both been very successful posts.
Thank you to anyone who regularly reads my blog, occasionally reads my blog or just happened to stumble across it!
Post in the comment section the title of your favorite "Lyndi's Projects" post and you could win a set of my adorable Heart Bunting Notecards!

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